By: Jayson Gifford

March 13, 2015 –Top healthcare organizations and big pharma are now using  data from subsets of patients – those with diabetes or chronic heart failure, for instance – to better coordinate care by determining the patients at risk for a health episode and intervening.

This new trend has caught the attention of C-Suite teams and needless to say the idea has gone viral.

CIOs and CMIOs will continue to evaluate systems to harvest data from various sources—clinical, financial and patient-generated—to perform predictive analytics and find new and creative ways to determine the most effective ways to reduce costs and improve quality.

Key data sources will include EHRs and computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems. Recent surveys found EHR systems in use in 84 percent of hospital emergency departments, 76 percent of outpatient departments and 62.8 percent of physician practices.

In recent studies, 68 percent of U.S. hospitals have implemented a CPOE system along with the EHR. Future value-based purchasing programs and  care organizations will mean even more patient data will be available, bringing more IT concerns with storage, networking and availability – not to mention the challenges of analyzing the data. Suddenly, reports formatting and consulting on high level BI is becoming key to seeing the future.

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