Turn Plant
Floor Insights
into Action

The production whiteboard has been a time-tested visual management staple on plant floors for years. But the manual nature of the whiteboard is prone to human error and becomes outdated before the ink even dries.

With Plex Production Monitoring, you can easily set up and leverage user-friendly dashboards and scoreboards to display real-time production measures including cycle times, capacity utilization, and OEE. This is when production monitoring stops being just a
process and becomes the swiss army knife that gets you to your goals.

Plex Production Monitoring

  • Rapid implementation with the ability to easily connect to any hardware
  • Closed-loop system connected to the plant floor that measures
    productivity and other equipment KPIs in real time
  • Production visualization that improves downtime, OEE performance,
    and job performance over time
  • Measurements like production cycles, job metrics, quality, downtime,
    scrap, and machine status


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