Take greater control of your plant floor.

We’ve got you covered.

With Plex MES Automation and Orchestration, connect your Plex MES system to the plant edge to
control information flow and processes adding efficiency, saving cost, and eliminating manual errors.
Unleash operators from tedious data entry while improving accuracy and enabling them to focus
more on producing products and less on complex, manual processes.

Extend your capabilities

We’d all like to have an infinite number of people who are infinitely fast at entering data, but
that is not realistic. Plex MES Automation and Orchestration works with Plex MES to simulate an
infinite workforce, automating data capture and entry in real-time and feeding the digital system
of record. Additionally, Plex MES Automation and Orchestration adds helpful visualizations to
better understand your processes at the most granular level.

How does it work?

Plex MES Automation & Orchestration interacts with your plant floor machines and systems
using PTC Kepware software or other plant floor drivers and protocols to provide real-time,
actionable information. Automated data entry improves accuracy and enables your operators to
focus on what matters. Connecting to the plant edge allows for effective control of information
flow and processes for added efficiency, cost savings, and manual error reduction.

Automate data capture

Manually inputting data is tedious, time consuming, can lead to human error, and—in some
cases—is not possible at all. Plex MES Automation and Orchestration removes the risks
associated with manual data management. Let’s say you need to weigh raw material before it
goes into production. Plex MES Automation and Orchestration can take weigh scale data from
your production line and automatically populate checksheets without ever having to input the
data by hand. If you need to record torques and angles of bolts, you can set up your tools to
capture the data and Plex MES Automation and Orchestration can manage that data effectively
based on requirements. As you can imagine, this is much faster and more accurate than
assigning an employee to that station for the sole purpose of inputting data.

Toolkit to enhance your Plex MES

Plex MES Automation and Orchestration can solve unique problems that are specific to your
plant using low-code—drag and drop—application building on top of the core out-of-the-box
functionality to create complex process flows and unlock new possibilities.

Plex MES Automation & Orchestration Production Enhancements


Production Automation Turn machines into Plex users by automating decisions and workflow based on machine data. Quality Automation Automate quality data capture at the machine level for validating against and enforcing planned quality measurements in Plex. Data Accuracy and Timeliness Get precise, accurate, and timely information automatically delivered to your system of record – Plex MES. Normalize and manage data across disparate equipment and systems across the plant floor. Resource Efficiency Focus operators on value-add activities; reduce training and onboarding; offset worker shortage, skill-set, and language challenges.


Streamline Production Workflow Add speed and accuracy to processes like lineside labeling and packouts. Orchestrate Complex Processes Drive control of unique and/or complex processes to remove human error and manual oversight. Process Enforcement Provide connectivity and bi-directional communication with Plex to ensure process enforcement and coordination. Visualization and Alerts Generate clear, context-specific overviews and visualizations. Alert team members and departments of plant floor issues through email and text notifications.

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