ROB-EX Scheduler is an interactive tool that helps planners create dynamic and effective production schedules.

ROB-EX Scheduler is an interactive tool that helps planners create dynamic and effective production schedules based on resources and asset capacity. What makes ROB-EX Scheduler shine is the integration points with existing business systems such as ERP, MES, and plant floor controls.

Take full advantage of ROB-EX Scheduler’s offering by integrating and/or adding on to the product. Conperio is honored to be one of the few to work in conjunction with GE and Novotek to build powerful solutions for manufacturers. Here is what ROB-EX Scheduler and Conperio can do for you:

  • Leverage server based communication services to harvest data directly from, as well as push data directly to, plant floor controls.

  • Leverage the ROB-EX Scheduler API to push batch and process data from the plant floor controls to the scheduling system to allow real-time monitoring and update of production orders and plant utilization.

  • Creation of a mobile-friendly web front-end that allows a streamlined way to release, monitor, and update production orders and resource assignments.

  • Creation of a custom web based front-end that allows configuration of routes, batch recipes, batch association to schedules, as well as real-time visibility to scheduled and running production orders.

  • Create custom reports to harvest data related to operation times, unplanned resource changes, resource downtime, and overall route efficiency.

  • Harvest ROB-EX Scheduler data and present it in chart and graph format to allow easy comparison of plant floor trends.

  • Creation of custom routes and operations to facilitate a complex and variable manufacturing process.

  • Creation of custom ROB-EX Scheduler macros to automate complex rules around storage selection, resource arbitration, and air permit regulations.

  • Create custom HMI screens to seamlessly interact with the scheduler utility from within the operator’s current environment.

Conperio’s value proposition aims at enabling manufacturers to take full advantage of their existing business systems.

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