Is your data a great, but messy story?

In the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), production machinery and equipment generate vast quantities of data on an ongoing basis. Utilizing this data is one of the biggest challenges in manufacturing systems today. Conperio’s ability to create solutions that provide data visualization from the plant floor through your MES & ERP environment has become the impetus for challenging companies to make further improvements. As results are visualized, people who are your lifeblood of your manufacturing, begin to work more harmoniously with machines as they see the results of the data providing concrete evidence for areas that had previous information gaps. Employees are now able to appreciate their manufacturing environments as a whole rather than concentrating only on their own tasks which has resulted in valuable feedback, further recommendations and improvements.

Data visualization is changing manufacturing. See how Conperio can help your companies people, and machines, work together.

Companies are determining that the single largest benefit for providing access to their data is that is raises awareness throughout an organization from the executive level to the factory floor. Statistics reflect that for companies that have introduced data visualization, end to end in their manufacturing, have brought an almost instantaneous improvement in productivity by about 30%. If your data is a great, but messy story let Conperio provide you with the visual analytics to gain business insights in real-time.