Harrison Manufacturing, Inc. (HMI) has recently adopted Conperio’s manufacturing software. Harrison Manufacturing is an AS 9100 certified aerospace manufacturer in Terre Haute, IN. Before implementation, HMI was in need of a system that followed AS 9100 standards. After numerous demos from different sources, it was Conperio’s PropulsionMRP that met this criteria. PropulsionMRP is a configurable solution that enables visibility into all facets of the manufacturing process. From quoting to shipping, plant floor to offices, purchasing to inventory, PropulsionMRP’s functionality and ease of navigation helps remove the blinders and sheds light on your business data.

Scott Rader, Vice President of Operations at HMI, stated, “PropulsionMRP gives me the visibility to effectively manage the operations at our manufacturing facility. Additionally, the software enables us to configure processes that suit our internal needs.”

Brent Wood, Facilities Manager at HMI, also stated, “I have noticed a significant change in the amount of time it takes to get product out the door. PropulsionMRP lets me schedule jobs accordingly, while ensuring quality standards are met.”

Help your business grow by adopting PropulsionMRP. Manage your processes effectively for optimal performance. PropulsionMRP is a configurable web-based software solution that runs on every platform. From office computers to mobile device phones and tablets. Never lose sight of productivity when you’re on-the-go!