Introducing FactoryTalk DataMosaix for Data and Analytics

FactoryTalk® DataMosaix™ enables controlled access to relevant and contextualized data. It’s an Industrial DataOps solution that provides flexible and scalable tools to accelerate data usability by domain experts and analysts. FactoryTalk DataMosaix is cloud-based for multi-site, enterprise-wide access for people and applications.

Got Data?

Put it to work with FactoryTalk DataMosaix

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Industrial DataOps

Industrial DataOps is about breaking down data silos and optimizing how industrial data is used across the organization. Domain experts and data scientists need simple access to complex industrial data to solve tough problems that drive transformational outcomes in productivity, quality and sustainability.

Three Key Facts about Industrial DataOps​

Bringing data to the people who need it across the organization for a new level of productivity and innovation.

Industrial DataOps depends on collaboration with domain experts.

Individuals and interactions, enabled by processes and tools, are essential to making data valuable across an organization, including the domain experts in different fields and departments. Industrial DataOps is a practice of cross-functional engagement and collaboration to both share and reap greater value from industrial data.​

Data is only as valuable as the ​analytics behind it and the actions it drives.​

The convergence of data and analytics with industrial operations have made Industrial DataOps a necessity. Complex industrial data requires context if it is to be used broadly in an organization. A central, contextualized source of truth with automated data pipelines provides industrial users a common and simplified way to discover, understand and analyze industrial data.​

Maximizing the value of data requires an agile approach.

Industrial DataOps isn’t about static reporting or extensive up-front design. It’s a far more agile process in which experimentation, iteration and feedback are essential. Creating business value isn’t a one-way transaction between data experts and data users. It’s a joint effort that will require both parties to participate, share and develop solutions that unlock transformative value. Just as the data keeps changing, so are the ways of working with it.

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