PropulsionMRP is a Web-based manufacturing resource planning and execution system developed by Conperio Technology Solutions. Conperio Technology Solutions is a software development company that has been in business for over 24 years, providing solutions primarily in the manufacturing industry. “This experience has provided a practitioner’s view of the challenges that MRP solutions need to solve,” said a company spokesperson.

In recent years, Conperio acquired a new company. This company is an AS 9100 certified manufacturing facility with both manual and CNC equipment. The manufacturing facility was in desperate need of an application that could manage the manufacturing operations and business processes.

After countless demos and searches, Conperio decided to use its own development expertise to create a robust software application to meet its needs and the needs of the industry.

The result, PropulsionMRP, is a configurable solution that identifies inefficiencies and builds a layer of data that can feed all levels of a business. “Conperio’s MRP solution enables the plant to manage a customer’s job throughout the manufacturing lifecycle, supporting both the organization and customer infrastructure with one site while ensuring quality and accuracy,” said the spokesperson.

“The software deep dives into the details within the manufacturing process and also provides the front office with the tools needed to make important decisions,” continued the spokesperson.

Some of PropulsionMRP’s capabilities include:
• Quoting: Quoting equips sales managers and associates with the tools they need to build a thorough and accurate quote.
• Purchasing: The Purchasing module enables users to purchase items from trusted vendors, as well as track and maintain a history of all purchases and inventory.
• Contract Review: This enables management users to accept, reject or reroute a job back to quoting. The Contract Review is a configurable part of PropulsionMRP. Users can configure requirements and risk assessment values.
• Planning/Process Routing: The Planning module of PropulsionMRP provides the guidance and instruction to execute a job. Users can add process and inspection steps for each job to build thorough work instructions.
• Scheduling: Users schedule jobs based on the availability of resources. Scheduling’s drag and drop functionality makes it easy to schedule jobs accordingly.
• Job Progress: Enables operators on the plant floor to progress jobs as they are completed. Upper management has visibility of each in-process job in their facility.
• Customer Portal: The Customer Portal module of PropulsionMRP not only gives manufacturers visibility into their internal processes, but customers can also track their job’s real-time progression. A customer no longer needs to call or be onsite to check the status of a job. PropulsionMRP’s Web-based portal presents the client with real-time visibility into the job status.
• Plant Floor Integration: The Plant Floor module of PropulsionMRP enables management users to view real-time data of each machine in the manufacturing facility.
• Shipping: The Shipping module allows users to ship components as they are finished with final inspection. Creating shipments auto-generates Shipper (Packing List) and Quality Certificates.