Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is more than just a calculation, it’s also a strategy for continuous improvement.

Are you struggling with how to move the needle?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is more than just a calculation, it’s also a strategy for continuous improvement. Manufacturers often scramble to capture what machines are telling us in regards to availability, performance, and quality. Businesses often lean on inaccurate information when gathering metrics from team members rather than the machine itself. Data gathered from the production environment is far more valuable when it is accurate and provided in real-time.

Manufacturers who use clipboards and a tangle of in-house Excel spreadsheets to optimize performance will find themselves without data and left making business decisions without facts which will impact profit, production, quality and overall efficiencies. For 31 years, Conperio has recognized that data is a valuable source of insight. That insight is driving transformational change in your industry by coupling incoming real-time data with the learning from historical data, to predict when things are going wrong to provide you the power to anticipate rather than react.

Conperio’s OEE solution

Our solution integrates data from the plant floor through your MES and ERP environments which has become the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Additionally, it provides real-time information and data analysis, allowing companies to make proactive adjustments that ensure your manufacturing operations produce higher quality products at optimum production levels while also giving immediate views in to how your equipment is performing on an individual work center basis or larger plant view.

What can Conperio’s OEE solutions do for you?

  • Collect real-time machine data with machine sensors connected to the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

  • Leverage IIoT data to make strategic and proactive machine maintenance decisions.

  • Ensure high-volume, high-quality throughput that protects your profits and bottom line.

  • Use condition-based monitoring and maintenance to boost OEE and profits.

So what are your metrics? Let Conperio help you Understand it. Measure it. Improve it.

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