By: Jayson Gifford

February 17, 2015 – Top industry professionals worldwide are recognizing the overwhelming lack of desire to take advantage of technology.

John Chambers, CEO of Cisco said “No CEO likes change, but in this market if we do not change we will be left behind, I saw it happen at IBM, and it took us two decades to recover.”

Why is this difficult? Well, first off reinventing how plant level technology is used in day-to-day operations can be confusing and time consuming with regards to training and deployment at the plant floor level.

Additionally, often projects like this are multi-year/multi-phase projects that involve strategic planning so there is no significant damage done to the company bottom line.

Chambers closed the Internet of Things World Forum 2014 with the following, “The Manufacturing and Technology industries are going through tremendous disruption, Cities that don’t change are left behind, and manufacturers that don’t change will be left behind. We can come together as an ecosystem to make it happen, have the courage to disrupt!”

Conperio Technology Solutions can help you with this transition and make it a profitable disruption. Our advanced knowledge in the Engineering and MES space in addition to 25 years of software expertise gives us the competitive advantage.

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