By: Jayson Gifford

February 25, 2015 – High profile data breaches are becoming a regular discussion among reporters, consumers, and CIO’s.  In the persistent hacking age companies are forced to become better equipped with cutting edge technology that can act as a countermeasure.

It was widely believed after the first few large data breaches that this was just a “one and done” scenario, but after the resignation of Target CIO Beth Jacob a year ago, every CIO in the country has taken the initial steps to make sure they are not next.

Some questions need to be asked about the methodology being deployed to combat data breaches.

Let’s examine what is thought to be true. Isolation from the internal network is meant to keep hackers out, but that method was laid to rest in 2010 with the nuclear hack in Iran. Given, a nuclear test site is not a corporation, but this is a tact that corporations are considering to isolate the ways a hacker can infiltrate.

“Protection from intrusion and malware for your networks and applications is the act of correlating the collected log file messages; this is most likely the breakdown point for many of the data-loss events dominating the headlines” said Ed Tittel and Earl Follis of CIO.

Conperio Technology Solutions consults in layers of security protocol, and can get you on the right path to protecting your infrastructure.

Conperio provides business solutions that help our clients decrease the time it takes to see in to your data.  Founded in 1989 with the sole mission of creating innovative productivity solutions, Conperio empowers high level executives and managers by providing the information they need to react quickly and cost-effectively.

What security suggestion do you have for your CIO?