Introducing ROB-EX Scheduler

See consequences of new orders and changes quickly and make better decisions.

Utilize one way of doing things instead of numerous personal spreadsheets.

Schedule in a closed loop with actual plant floor progress from the MES environment.

The industries served include make-to-order, make-to-stock, engineer-to-order, and batch environments.

Improve productivity as well as manage production operations efficiently.

ROB-EX Scheduler History

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Standard connectors for all major ERP systems

To get the full value of a scheduling tool you need to integrate the solution with your ERP or SCM system. To make this easy there are standard connectors for all the major ERP and SCM suppliers.

Why use a Scheduling tool?

  • Every manufacturing company schedules production

  • Make informed decisions regarding the schedule

  • ERP planning systems do not really schedule

  • Implementing an Advanced Planning System at the ERP level is expensive and are not reactive

  • Adhoc tools (ex: spreadsheets) only partially solves the problem and introduces new problems

  • Improve and maintain customer service

  • Shorten lead time

  • Fast, precise, and valid due dates

  • Improve production performance

  • Manage production operations efficiently

  • Avoid costly mistakes

Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Reduces direct labor costs with increased productivity and less overtime

  • Reduces outsourcing costs through increased capacity

  • Reduces penalty costs by delivering on time

  • Avoids new investment through increased capacity

  • Reduces WIP Inventory

  • Increases revenue through predictable delivery times

  • Increases revenue by selling up to increased capacity

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