If your business faces an adverse event you want to be prepared to manage the impact on the community and your organization. It is critical to develop an adverse management plan before a crisis hits.

Companies who fail to respond risk losing the trust of their customers. They send conflicting messages about their organization’s priorities or may experience an increase in lawsuits. In the regulatory environment it is essential that companies have effective systems in place to handle complaints.

Conperio can customize your adverse event management plan to your specific need at the time it matters most. We work with your company’s culture of safety and quality to ensure accurate adverse event reporting. Our software solutions will help you mount an effective campaign to investigate complaints, provide a competitive advantage and successfully comply with regulations. At Conperio we are your extended family, seeing your problem through to its resolution.

Conperio’s Complaint Software Solutions help your business:

  • Manage customer complaints and investigations

  • Monitor assessments

  • Have immediate access to customer information

  • Inform affected departments and staff

  • Configure workflow to a review and approval process (Remote Proofing)

  • Assign documents to particular employees

  • Easily remind users of their tasks and help escalate issues to managers



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