Conperio Technology Solutions, a software development company with offices in Indiana and Missouri, is now a GE Digital Alliance Partner for North America. Through this partnership, Conperio will remain a System Integrator for past, present, and future customers, and will now also represent GE as the only U.S. GE Digital Alliance Partner for the GE Scheduler product. With Conperio’s extensive experience implementing GE Scheduler, Conperio will continue to undertake projects that include planning and scheduling to provide real-time data and visibility throughout the manufacturing process. Conperio’s capabilities of solution-based and integration work was the key in grabbing the attention of the Fortune 15 company and ensued an innovative collaboration.

GE customers will now be directed to Conperio for U.S. Scheduler installations, and will provide road mapping, requirements and design documentation, configuration, development and delivery of training, as well as go-live implementations. The GE Digital Alliance Partner Program for Conperio and GE means greater opportunities for continued growth and success for all involved.

“GE ranks among the top 10 of the world’s most respected brands, and the GE Digital Alliance partnership gives Conperio and GE the opportunity to take technology to the next level, and we [Conperio] cannot wait to see what that next level looks like,” says Wendy McCormick, Conperio’s Vice President of Business Development. “Conperio has identified gaps that no one has yet to provide meaningful solutions or strategies for—and with our capabilities, we are transforming the way manufacturing operates to provide increased efficiencies, real-time data, and ultimately, increase the bottom line.”

For the last 25 years, Conperio has withstood the tests of time by evolving, adapting, and growing with the ever-changing technology industry; starting with Microsoft training in the early-to-mid-90s to today—creating customized technology solutions for an array of customers and industries. From pharmaceutical, to food and beverage, manufacturing, aerospace, and insurance, Conperio has the background, experience, and expertise to create the solutions needed to build a better way.

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